Please Welcome… Maxine, our Newest Design and First Textile

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Maxine joins two familiar favorites making their textile debut. Below are some highlights on how our newest design came to life, and the reason why it could only be named, Maxine.

Marmaladewhites and shades of blue mixed with orange-gold accents.

 & Grayscale: white, cream, black and gray (tipping more towards blue-gray.)

Making Maxine

Metal micro structure images of titanium and copper were combined to create Maxine.  Initially, the white crystal forms in titanium dominated the pattern (in all fairness, titanium is the stuff found in shooting stars).  So we began the process of removing these cloudy white layers, giving way to interesting shapes of oranges, golds and blues.

phase 1

phase 2

When defined silhouettes appeared, we tuned in, because this is when the design will usually 'tell' us what it wants to be. (In any given pattern at least 60-100% is left as mother nature would have intended had she pursued a career in digital pattern making.)

In Maxine's case, elephants were beckoning.  The constellation of orange chips was enough for us to 'Galleleo' a floppy ear, body and trunk (phase 2).  Similarly, the cluster of orange nearby needed just a little nudge to become a lotus ( final edit).


abalone wallpaper roll Defining the diamond shape beneath the lotus, is a 'pearl' (created from a micro image of copper) we borrowed from our wall covering design of the same name (image left).  This one in the blue and white color way, Abalone.

After clearing away (many) more layers of white and debris, a lattice pattern, 'temple,'  'eyes,' and butterflies were discovered (final edit).  No artistry on our part can take credit for these things. This is simply nature under our noses, the magic we know is there but cannot see.


(final edit version)

Fabric:  Linen Cotton  Content:  55% Linen/45% Cotton   Weight:   7.7/yd2   Repeat:   6.75" h X 7.8" v   Width:  55” 

Fabric:  Linen Cotton  Content:  55% Linen/45% Cotton   Weight:   7.7/yd2   Repeat:   6.75" h X 7.8" v   Width:  55” 

Joining Maxine are two of Imagine Studios Inc.'s favorites:

Glass (Lapis) and Rain (Clearwater) are now also available in linen-cotton blend.

 Our wall coverings design, Glass, in the color way, Lapis makes it's debut on linen-cotton.

Rolls of Lapis, Maxine, and Clearwater

The design, Rain in the color way, Clearwater.


It is always fun finding the names for our designs and color ways, but this one was also easy.

'Maxine' is the name of my cousin, who lived a remarkable life that ended before her 45th birthday.  She was compassionate, synonymous with fun and "cheek," creative, pure of heart and loved by all who knew her.

But beyond being a fabulous human, chef, and London Michelin Star restaurant manager. her indelible mark will forever be her laughter, love of togetherness, and passion for animal advocacy - in particular, elephants.  Protecting this species was her passion.

It is with a joyful heart that I honor both her memory and legacy in naming our new jubilant design and first textile after her.


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Did you know?

A percentage of our profits are donated to animal and environmental charities.
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