Grasscloth. A love story.

Grasscloth wall covering in this installment of our design 'Glass' in the color 'Citrine.'


This age-old perennial favorite now has even more reasons to fall in love with it.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for the resurgence of grasscloth is that the 'high maintenance' perception synonymous with this material is slowly eroding.  Advances in ventilation and climate control have cleared the way for grasscloth to brazenly show up in spaces once unheard of  -  This magical wall covering is now a viable option for most modern kitchens and bathrooms.  The alchemy of grasscloth-meets-shiny never disappoints, and there are plenty of opportunities for this to happen in both of these spaces.

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Appealing to the senses: Touch, Sight. and Smell.

Monochrome no more, the possibilities for pattern on grasscloth are about limitless as you'll find most on demand wall covering companies can print their designs on this natural material.  The combined effect of the grasscloth texture and repeating pattern can be substantial enough on a wall to eliminate the need for additional artwork. (In most cases the design scale will be adjusted to accommodate the added width of a grasscloth roll, typically 36" vs. 24"- 30" traditional wall paper.)

In newer homes and remodels, grasscloth provides instant patina and warmth not easily achieved through paint or traditional wallpaper alone.  But what can never be communicated in even the best photographs of grasscloth installations, however, is  beyond its natural visual opulence, is the appeal it has to the sense of smell.

Natural grasscloth not only has zero levels of VOC’s, but the organic fibers inherent to this product provide a pleasing scent to your space, adding a quality and dimension only nature can take credit for.  In addition, many - if not most - natural grasscloth wall coverings are 100% biodegradable, making it an LEED dream.

Grasscloth from left to right: Glass/Citrine, Carousel/Nautilus, and Glass/Pale Mason

Imagine Studios Inc.'s Glass design in the colorway, Lapis, printed on grasscloth

Grasscloth. A celebration of imperfection.

You won’t find a picture of grasscloth in the dictionary next to the word, 'practical.'

While grasscloth can transform any room into something special, it is worth reviewing the limitations inherent to a 100% natural, extremely absorbent (you cannot easily wipe it clean) substrate.  Traditional grasscloth remains a strong but delicate product that commands respect.

For starters, it is unlikely your grasscloth wall will fully recover from splashes, bumps, dings and (warning: cats love it) scratches, so best to avoid placing it below a chair rail in the entryway, bathroom, or any other moderately trafficked place. Most natural grasscloth wallpaper can only be lightly dusted or vacuumed, so do not install grasscloth any place where you would normally employ a sponge to clean.

The epitome of 'Organic Design.'

Slight, natural variations, uneven shade, and striations in grasscloth wallpaper are a given. It is not always subtle when it comes to visible seams which, you can expect to see every 30-36 inches.  And like most textiles, it will fade if overexposed to sunlight.

It is also fair to say that grasscloth can be pretty bossy (downright unforgiving) to work with.  As grasscloth is never the least expensive option, mistakes mean money. It is better to avoid this steep learning curve and leave the installation in the hands of a professional.

As with any natural material, or bespoke order, you'll never regret adding additional yardage to account for potential grasscloth snafus or consistency with the dye lot.

Grasscloth wall covering from bottom to top: Glass/Lapis, Glass/Citrine, Glass/Pale Mason

Final thoughts.

Grasscloth is beautiful, warm, and a sensory gem.  It is one of the few materials that is at once fresh, modern and timeless, and often plays a major part or supporting role in the spaces we find most memorable.

While it is true that grasscloth can be a challenge to maintain, 21st century improvements in ventilation,  humidity control, and digital printing have opened up new worlds of possibilities for this material.  Now, more spaces than ever are giving grasscloth its day in the sun.

It would seem that once you commit to grasscloth and are willing to respect its limitations, this fabulous wall covering will love you back tenfold.

Grasscloth wall covering in our design 'Glass' in the color 'Citrine'

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Annie holding up grasscloth of the design Glass, in the color way, Lapis

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